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Frequently Asked Questions for Agents

Welcome to the LiveEasy Q&A for Agents, designed to provide answers, insights, and solutions related to our suite of services. We understand that as a key part of our team, you have questions and require clarity to better serve your clients and to maximize our offerings. Here is a sampling of the more frequently asked questions. Please refer to this document often as will be continually adding information that may help.

Your success is our priority, and together, we can ensure that every interaction with our services is a seamless and rewarding experience for you and your clients alike.

Q. What are the benefits of LiveEasy for me and my business?

Below are all the ways LiveEasy can help you grow your business. Click on the links for more information.

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  • Differentiate yourself and your listings with the only company to offer a dedicated Personal Concierge for life at no additional cost.

  • Elevate your clients’ experience by reducing stress and increasing convenience and savings.

  • Create client loyalty by providing expertise, guidance, and an elevated moving and home management experience.

  • Be unforgettable with a personalized website. See Video and Step-by-Step Guide for more details.

  • Be indispensable by providing clients with your list of trusted home service vendors. See Video and Step-by-Step Guide for more details.

  • Stay top-of-mind in between transactions with our complimentary client follow-up program.

  • Drive more open house traffic with marketing materials that separate your listing from the competition.

  • Generate more leads by promoting a Personal Concierge in all of your marketing.

  • Bring added value to your clients with a wide variety of home services.

Q. What are the benefits of LiveEasy for my clients?

A. Answer

  • Save time, money, and stress with the help of a dedicated Personal Concierge

  • Access exclusive savings on key home services

  • Easily track their home’s value equity to prepare for the next move

  • Determine the best ROI home improvement projects

  • Calculate affordability on your next home or investment property

  • Easy access to your trusted home contractors and vendors

Q. How can I explain the LiveEasy offering simply and easily to my clients?

A. Answer

  • LiveEasy provides a dedicated Personal Concierge to guide you through the moving, and home management process with the goal of saving you time, money, and stress.

  • Your Personal Concierge is reachable by phone, text, and email and can help with everything from selecting a mover to transferring utilities to your new home as well as provide exclusive discounts on TV, internet, home security, and solar.

  • After the move, the Home Management feature helps you track your home valuation, and home equity, organize important home documents, determine the most cost-effective home improvements, and provide easy access to my list of trusted home service vendors and contractors.

Q. How can I market LiveEasy to my clients?

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  • There are several consumer-facing marketing pieces that promote the benefits of LiveEasy to your clients. The Listing Presentation is especially beneficial for use with Listing Presentations because it touts the “A Personal Concierge | Door to Door program which is designed to increase interest by potential buyers for a Sellers Listing by touting that the home comes with a personal concierge to assist the purchaser with their home move. “This Home Comes with a Personal Concierge” is the interest building statement that is included in all the Property Listing’s Advertising. And - the Seller benefits too - as they are also provided with a Personal Concierge to assist them with their move once their home sells!

Q. Can I post about my LiveEasy offering on Social Media? How?

A. Absolutely, and we suggest you do; it’s a competitive advantage for you. We have provided social media graphics the the Marketing Collateral Section and a How To Video can be found under “Start Generating Leads Today” on our Support.LiveEasy.com Support and Resource Center.

Q. What will my clients see on their Moving and Home Management site?

A. Watch this video for an up-close look at exactly what your clients will see on their Moving and Home Management sites that are personally branded to you.

Q. What specific services does the Personal Concierge provide, on my behalf, to my clients?

A. The LiveEasy Personal Concierge will help with everything from:

  • selecting a mover

  • transferring utilities to their new home (*some area restrictions apply)

  • help with driver’s license transfer (if needed)

  • Review Cable and Internet providers in the new location and perform a cost evaluation to ensure your clients receive the best pricing.

  • Offer exclusive discounts on home services such as home security, and solar. Discounts that exceed those available on the market due to shee value.

After your clients are settled in their new home, your Concierge along with your tailored Home Management site will be a constant source for your clients by offering a comprehensive array of services for managing a home, such as - access to real-time home valuation, a secure document storing source, information on how to determine the most cost-effective home improvements, access to your list of trusted home service pros for all their home needs. And much more.

Q. How and when does LiveEasy contact my clients?

A. LiveEasy can help your clients no matter the stage of their home journey. Inviting your clients and prospects to your personalized Moving and Home Management site is the secret to remaining their go-to real estate expert. LiveEasy offers a complimentary Client Follow Up program that provides important information your clients will benefit from when making informed real estate and home management decisions, in addition to the standard communications. The complimentary Client Follow Up communications are branded to you, so you remain top of mind long after the transaction. TO maximize the benefits of this lead-generating feature, LiveEasy allows you to invite all your contacts to the program, afterall everyone can benefit from your personalized Moving and Home Management Dashboard, and your chances of being the real estate expert they turn or refer to others, goes up exponentially. Not only is this a huge lead-generating benefit, but it also saves you costs by not having to purchase a client follow-up program. Your active clients will receive an automatic invite to your personalized Moving platform once a contract is pending.

Q. How will I know when my clients will be contacted by LiveEasy?

A. For your active clients (currently in transaction), LiveEasy will automatically send you an email notification (subject “Your Client’s Invitation to LiveEasy”) after the transaction is moved to “pending.” This email is your notification that your client will receive an email invite branded to you in 48 hours. At this point, you have the option to opt-out the client within the 48 hour time period if you would like.

If you do not cancel your client's first email, they will receive a series of communications:

  • Within 2 days, we will send an email invitation to the client inviting them to activate their LiveEasy Moving platform, again which is personalized to you.

  • Approximately 30 days prior to their closing date, the LiveEasy Personal Concierge will call or text your client to connect and begin helping them with their moving process.

  • Post the Concierge’s contact to assist, your client will receive 4-6 emails pertaining to new home service features.

  • At any point during the process, a client can click unsubscribe in individual emails and you can email [email protected] so a Customer Service agent can unsubscribe your client from all service-related emails as well.

  • Non-Transactional Clients (Contacts you invite from your contact database) will not receive any automatic communications; you invite them to your personalized Home Management site by going to the “Invite Clients” section on your Agent Dashboard.

Note: Please email [email protected] for any questions not answered above or if you are unsure if your broker is a LiveEasy partner.

Q: My client did not receive the welcome email, why not?

First, make sure your client's email is correct! Then, check to make sure the email associated with your LiveEasy account is the same email used in your transaction software. Next, make sure when you have a transaction go “Pending,” that you set the Transaction as Pending in your system. If you skip the step of setting the transaction to “Pending” and move it directly to Closed, the invite will not be triggered. The invite is triggered as a DIRECT RESULT of a transaction going Pending. Please keep in mind that the concierge team will only be able to reach out if they have a minimum of 10 days between pending and closed - make sure you give enough time for them to reach out and assist.

Q: Where can I find the invites that were sent out to my clients?

A. Under your Agent Dashboard under Engagements, you are able to view which clients received, opened, clicked, or signed up for the dashboard. You are also able to resend an invite from the Actions button.

Q. Can you confirm that the Client Follow-Up program has no hidden cost and is branded to me?

A. Yes. The Client Follow-Up program is provided at no cost to you or your broker.

Q. Can I invite my client list in bulk or do I have to do each one separately? If so, how?

A. Yes! You can upload an existing client list in bulk. This video tutorial will show you how.

If you would like, you can send an invitation to everyone at once.

  1. From the Sphere of Influence menu, select Invite Multiple Sphere Contacts.

  2. Download the template.

  3. Input your client’s information into the 3 columns. (First name, last name, email)

  4. Upload the CSV file.

  5. Select Upload File

Q. How do I add new vendors?

A. Follow the steps below or view this video tutorial. You can also simply email your list to [email protected] and we’ll take care of it for you!

  1. Go to your agent dashboard.

  2. In the top right corner, select Add Vendor.

  3. Fill out the required information for each vendor

    • Name

    • URL

    • Contact Name

    • Contact Number

    • Category

  4. Once you have filled out all the information, select the Add Vendor button.

  5. Your vendor will now be in your trusted professionals network.

Q. How do I edit or delete vendors from my list?

A. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on Vendors in the left navigation.

  2. Click on the three dots (ellipses)

  3. Select Edit or Delete

Q. How does LIveEasy compare to the competition within the Moving Concierge space?

Q. Where can I get more training on how to use LiveEasy to grow my business?

A. We offer both live and pre-recorded webinars all year long. You can view our Training section at Support.LiveEasy.com. In addition, you will find many videos and step by step guides to help you incorporate LiveEasy at Support.LiveEasy.com. Be sure you look through the entire Support & Resources center - there is a lot of helpful information.

Q: How can I find the concierge assigned to my client?

A. On the Agent Dashboard, you can view everyone who has received an invite, as well as the concierge assigned to them. Next to the concierge’s name, you will see “Details” so you can reach out to the concierge directly to speak to them about your client(s).

Q: As an agent-branded platform, where does my name and contact info come from?

A. We receive your profile information used for your personalized Moving and Home Management site through a feed from your Brokerage. Your photo, name, and contact information is shown on your dashboards and in the email communications sent to your clients. To update your profile information:

login to your agent dashboard, select Account, Profile, Edit

Q: Whom do I contact with questions?

A. For questions, please reach out to our support team: [email protected]

Your clients can also reach out to their support team: [email protected] or 614-665-6726

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