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Invite Your Sphere of Influence
Invite Your Sphere of Influence
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Stay Connected for Life! Success in real estate is all about staying connected. LiveEasy is here to help with our complimentary Client Follow-Up program. Every time you enroll someone in this complimentary program, not only do they benefit from all the features your personalized Home Management site offers, but you also guarantee that you stay front and center every time they log on to see their home value, find out what home improvement projects deliver the best ROI, see exclusive discounts, as well as access to your list of trusted pros!

Strengthen relationships, drive repeat business, and ensure your clients keep you top of mind for all the right reasons - all with one invitation!

Follow the steps below to invite your sphere of influence to LiveEasy.

Sending Invitations to your sphere of influence:

  1. Go to your Agent Dashboard.

  2. Select Invite Client.

  3. On the top menu, select Sphere of Influence.

  4. Enter the relevant information:

    1. First Name.

    2. Last Name.

    3. Email.

  5. Then Select Send Email.

If you would like, you can send an invitation to everyone all at once.

  1. From the Sphere of influence menu, select Invite Multiple Sphere Contacts.

  2. Download the template.

  3. Input your clients information into the 3 columns. (First name, last name, email)

  4. Upload the CSV file.

  5. Select Upload File.

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