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Invite Clients and Prospects to Your Personalized Website.
Invite Clients and Prospects to Your Personalized Website.
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LiveEasy can help your clients no matter the stage of their home journey. Inviting your clients and prospects to your personalized websites (aka dashboard) is the secret to success. The more clients you invite, the more business you'll drive by differentiating yourself from the competition!

  • Clients with an upcoming transaction will receive an automatic invite to LiveEasy Mover's Dashboard for help on everything from mortgage and insurance to hiring movers and transferring utilities. You're in control to add or remove clients from receiving this invitation.

  • Prospects and SOI contacts not currently moving should be manually invited to your personalized Home Management Dashboard, where they can access exclusive savings on key home services, track home value, determine the best ROI home improvement projects, calculate affordability on their next home purchase, and access to your list of trusted home professionals.

  • The video and guide below will show you how to customize and send the manual invitations.

How to update your email content:

  1. Go to your agent dashboard.

  2. On the left side menu, select Account.

  3. Under the Email Content box, select View.

  4. Find the email you would like to update, then select Edit.

  5. Update your email content here.

  6. When you are satisfied with the email, select Update Invite Content.

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