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Send Moving Dashboard Invitations to Your Clients
Send Moving Dashboard Invitations to Your Clients
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When invitations are being sent to your client when going through the moving process, they can be sent with the automation we have. This is usually when you move your transaction through the transaction management software, to the pending phase. This will send the invitation to your client automatically. However, on occasion our advice to our client is, “You need to fix your home up before we put it on the market.” In this case we can send the invitation to our clients early. Follow the steps below to send the an invitation to the moving dashboard to any one of your clients.

Send an invitation to the moving dashboard.

  1. Go to your agent dashboard.

  2. In the top right corner, select Invite Client.

  3. Fill out the relevant information:

    1. First Name.

    2. Last Name.

    3. Email.

    4. Telephone.

    5. Moving From.

    6. Moving To.

    7. Move Date

      (Note: If you don’t have the Moving To ot Move Date information, thats okay, this is a google integration so you can put anything you like in here including the name of the town, the previous address, or even todays date. We can always change this later.)

  4. On the bottom select Send Email.

  5. Your client will then receive an email inviting them to the platform.

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