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A Personal Concierge | Door to Door
A Personal Concierge | Door to Door

Step-by-Step guide for agents on promoting this standout feature provided to both buyers and sellers.

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With A Personal Concierge | Door to Door, both the seller and buyer will be provided with their own Personal Concierge to assist with the myriad of tasks associated with the moving. Providing this level of service provides an unparalleled selling advantage without a doubt!

Lead Strategy 1: A Personal Concierge | Door to Door


  • Enhances the Customer Experience: A personal concierge provides a tailored, high-quality service, enhancing the overall experience for your buyers and sellers.

  • Saves Time: Buyers and sellers can save valuable time by delegating tasks like research, scheduling, and coordination to the concierge, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

  • Reduces Stress: Moving can be stressful. A concierge can handle the details, easing the burden on both buyers and sellers during the transition process.

  • Builds Trust: By offering a personal concierge service to your clients to assist them during the moving process, you demonstrate your commitment to a high level of service and the importance you place on customer satisfaction.

  • Provides Competitive Edge: Providing a personal concierge sets your real estate service apart, making it more attractive to clients and giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Drives Referral Business: Satisfied clients are more likely to refer you to others, leading to a broader client base and increased business opportunities.

  • Builds Long-term Relationships: Exceptional service fosters long-term relationships, encouraging repeat business and client loyalty, ensuring a steady stream of referrals and sales.

Action Steps:

  1. Highlight the personal concierge benefit during every listing presentation to demonstrate your commitment by elevating customer service to new heights. Click here for a Listing Presentation brochure designed to help you highlight the benefits of A Personal Concierge | Door to Door program with potential clients.

  2. Share with your potential clients a few of the to-do list items their personal concierge will handle on their behalf during their move. Tasks like utility transfers, researching internet and cable plans to determine the most cost-effective options, and scheduling movers and home service providers.

  3. Share with your potential clients about their personal concierge providing costs-saving opportunities on a variety of home services and products, like home security systems, landscaping, solar packages and much more.

  4. Tell your potential clients that their personal concierge will be there for them throughout this current move and throughout their entire home journey – for life!

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