Every Client. Every Contact.
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Every Client. Every Contact. simply means, invite everyone in your contact database today, and as it grows, to your Home Management dashboard.

Everyone appreciates value, and your Home Management site is just that, a valuable one-stop resource for everything home from maintenance tips and home health reminders, to information on trusted home services pros and exclusive discounts on home products and services and more.

BENEFIT: Create a surge in repeat and referral business by keeping you top of mind as a real estate expert and resource.


Streamline Home Management: Your website serves as a comprehensive hub for all things home, extending beyond traditional real estate information geared solely for buyers and sellers. By inviting every contact to your Home Management website, you're delivering substantial value to all your connections. It offers a single destination empowering them with the resources they need to make informed real estate decisions.

Stay Informed: Everyone wants to be informed, regardless of where they are on their home journey. By inviting all your contacts to your Home Management website, you will be their one source for everything real estate, including real-time market updates, interest rates data, buyers’ vs. sellers’ markets, and industry trends – ensuring they stay informed, and you stay their real estate expert.

Referral Opportunities: Contacts who benefit from your Home Management website are more inclined to refer you to friends and family, expanding your referral network.

Action Steps:

  1. “Leave no contact off the list” is the basic rule. Every time you invite someone to your personalized site, you are front and center, increasing your chances of becoming their agent of choice when they decide to buy or sell.

  2. Invite your neighbors and become the neighborhood expert.

  3. Invite members of the committees, associations, or groups you belong to.

  4. Invite your family and friends. We often take this group for granted.

  5. Invite every person who attends your Open Houses to your Home Management website.

  6. Scan social media sites for past connections that are no longer top of mind and invite them. Facebook is great for this.

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