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Making Your LiveEasy URL a QR Code
Making Your LiveEasy URL a QR Code
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Making Your URL a QR Code

A great way to get new leads is to use your URL as a QR code. Then, anywhere you create marketing materials you can put this QR code for your clients to scan and sign up. This will take your clients to your branded site with your name, phone number, and headshot so they know exactly who is helping them through home maintenance. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a QR code with your branded URL.

Making your URL a QR code

  1. Go to your Agent Dashboard.

  2. Copy the URL from the top of the website.

  3. Go to your favorite QR code generator. We like QR Monkey, as its a free and reliable service.

  4. Enter the web address into the URL box.

  5. Select Create QR Code.

  6. Download the QR code as a PNG (this is an image file).

  7. Put the QR code on and of your marketing pieces!

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